Monday, May 3, 2010

Melissa's Budapest Trip

Melissa's trip to Budapest Hungary:

The Whitaker foundation, the organization paying for Melissa's grant, has a yearly meeting with all with the grant recipients. This year we in Budapest Hungary and as it happened it ended the day after the Volcano started. Melissa was lucky because she cut the trip short and came home about 8 hours before the vocano shutdown all of Europe. She missed the sight seeing day but she felt very very lucky when she heard of all the issues the people had try to get out of Budapest.

Here are a few pictures she took:

Melissa in front of the concert hall, before a performance:

Close up of the Hungarian Royal Palace:

View from Melissa's hotel room, Hungarian Royal Palace in the background, quite impressive:

Interesting statue:


One of the closed malls:

The main building of the BME. The oldest University of Technology in the world, founded in 1782 during the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
View of the historic area of Budapest from Melissa's hotel window:

The 2009-2010 award recipients:

Concert hall after dark:

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