Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back in Dresden

As our year winds we are now sad that we have to leave and have grown to love Dresden.

Some more misc photos from Dresden.

Frauenkirche market square:

Wonderful river front area from across the river:

On the corner of the Brulish Terrace, i think Augustus might be buried here but not sure:
Interesting photo from Neustadt:

Frankfurt day trip

On our way back to Dresden from Heidelberg Noah and i spent the day in Frankfurt. We walked from the Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof through the downtown area and to the Main river. Here is the Alte Oper:
We also got to see the "Wall Street" area of the city; here are the famous Bull and Bear in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Check out the red building in the background and the men holding up the building, this seems to be a common architectural touch in Germany:
Saint Katherine's Church:
Interesting mall with a hole right through it:
Not really sure what building this but it attracted our attention as it looked cool:
Noah in front of Goethe birthplace and home:

The orignal Grandfather clock of the Goethe family, very impresssive:

Saint Paul's Church, which is a historic monument in German as it was the seat of the first democratically elected Parliament in 1848. However in 1849 Prussian troops ended this by force and dissolved the parliament however during the one year of it's existance a constitution for a unified Germany was developed, with the Prussian king as it monarch.

Cool German symbol above Noahs head right across the street from Saint Paul's Church, near Römer area:
Noah on a walking bridge over the Main river:
Saint Bartholomew's Cathedral (Dom Van Frankfurter), a very large gothic church, from the Main:
Frankfurt is a very different city then all the cities we have visited as it is more like a large American city, with tall skyscrapers and a very urban feel:
Me on the bridge over the Main:
Römer area, one of the few areas of Frankfurt that has been preserved like its old German, pre WWII, feel.
At the footsteps of the Saint Bartholomew Cathedral were some old ruins, Noah found a comfortable resting spot as the temperature had hit 35 degrees C (95 Fahrenheit):
I really like this picture of a side doorway to Saint Bartholomew's Cathedral:
The impressive Saint Bartholomew's Cathedral(Dom Van Frankfurter):
The large pillars inside:
Back at the Frankfurter Main Train Station and back to Dresden: