Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dresden - spring time - our day to day

Some spring time pictures around Dresden during our normal days in Dresden (that is not traveling):

The Zwinger:
Hotel Taschenbergpalais, near our flat, the 5 star+ hotel where Obama stayed when he visited Dresden.
Wempe guy (as we have come to call him): Over Melissa's right shoulder is the Wempe guy. He must be a security guard for the Wempe store (right in front of him). He takes his job very seriously, he stands in that same spot from like 8:00 to 6:00 on Monday - Saturday; Fall, winter, rain, snow. We walk by him a few times a day and he has yet to say hi or talk with us despite our attempts to say hi with a head nod or a smile. He rarely talks to people, unless the ask him for directions or some quick question. He alway stands in the same area watching the store, we were thinking that this would be a tough job, all the standing around and pure boredom.
Spring arriving in Dresden means two things; more tourists and the beer gardens along the Elbe river have all opened up. So we have been able to enjoy them again, nothing like sitting on the Elbe and relaxing over freshly grilled German food and a cold German beer:
Altstadt at dusk through a bridge:
The Frauenkirche:
The clock tower at the Zwinger:
Another view of Inner Altstadt:
Melissa at the Max Planck Institute:
David reading at the Frauenkirche church; they have a monthly English service in which David gets do a reading. I had to sneak this picture:

Cool tower on the grounds of the castles in Dresden,

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel,
Let down thy hair to me.”

Another day another beer garden:

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