Saturday, May 29, 2010

Noahs exhibition on the DDR

Noah’s class at the Dresden International School has been studying the DDR (German Democratic Republic - GDR) and they had an exhibition night at his school. This included an interpretive dance and presentation at their posters. Noah and his group of three other students presented information about the Berlin Wall. My parents were here and got to learn all about the DDR and it was especially interesting as a lot of people involved with the school lent the kids some of their personal artifacts for display, so we got to see some real unique things from the DDR era. This was a very painful time for most East Germans and still a very sensitive topic.

Start of the interpretive dance, Noah walking to the stage:
The dance was very interesting and thought provoking; they have a great music director who really challenges the kids. It would be hard to describe the dance however it gave you the impression of how the personal expressions and freedoms of the people were oppressed.
Another image of the Dance:

Noah and one of his classmates presenting the English version of their presentation. For each of the topics studied by each group there was a English presentation and a German presentation. My parents and Melissa listening in:

Q and A time:

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