Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Westerstede - trip to city center

During our visit we stayed at the Hotel Zur Linde, in Westerstede; a quaint small town German hotel. It was perfect, they had great food, great service, great facilities, and it was located only a few blocks from the city center:
Right off the main square is the St.-Petri-Kirche, it is a beautiful church and appears to be the main church in Westerstede:
Glockentrun St.-Petri-Kirche: The bell tower of the St.-Petri-Kirche is a seperate building located right next to the church which is really unique; the first one i have seen this way, and i have seen a lot of churches over the last year. The bell tower was first built in the 13th Century and has two bells; the first one from 1626 and the other 1794.

The bell tower in action:

More of the city center, during the May 1 spring festival:

While we were looking at the city center my father wondered off to check out the city center rummage sale. My dad loves rummage sale and ended up buying a bunch of thing. Here he is, with a big grin, after some successful purchases:

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