Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Potsdam Germany

On our way home from Nice we spent the day in Potsdam. Potsdam is just on the outskirts of Berlin and was the residence of the Prussian kings until the end of WWI (1918). Sanssouci Park is where King Frederick the Great built a residence and huge park/gardens. There are several impressive buildings throughout the park and gardens after gardens. Also a short distance is the old town of Potsdam which has a great street, Brandenberger strasse, that is closed to traffic and makes for a great stroll through a great german town.

We just touched the surface of Potsdam in the day we spent, we will try to make it again to see more and hopefully the gardens will be further along. This is a very historic city with deep roots into the Prussian empire and also some cold war history as the Berlin wall seperated Berlin from Posdam and spies were traded here across one of the Potsdamer bridges.

If you get to Berlin this is a must see as it is a welcome break from the WWII/cold war history of Berlin.

Noah and Melissa planning out our walk in Sanssouci Park (this is a huge park and can considered a German version of Versailles):
One of the trellised gazebos that are found on the both sides of Sanssouci:

Side shot, still early spring in Potsdam:

Sans souci (French for "without worries"): one of the residences built by King Fredrick the Great:

Terraces of vineyards lead up to the front of Sanssouci:
Noah with no worries:
The Orangery Palace, another of the many palaces in the park:
Orangery close up:

Arches at the Orangery:

Neues Palais, another palace in the park:
Changing of the Guards:
The Communs: one of the two identical building in front of the Neues Palais (Melissa and Noah on the stoop):
Potsdam's Brandenburg Gate (actually older then the better known Berlin Brandenburg Gate) near the Old town and Market Square. This is a great area for shopping and eating lunch as the Old town features a closed off street with shops and vendors:

Brandenberger strasse:
Just off of Brandenberger strasse:‎

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nice France - Day 5 - Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Our last day in Nice we took a Bus to Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. This is an French Riviera Plazzo located on an isthmus near Nice. It is located in a prime spot on the isthmus with view on both side and has 9 awesome gardens.

View from the Villa:

Main residence:

Japanese Gardens:
More gardens:
Wild flower garden:
More flowers:
Looking back to the villa, Awesome water falls, fountains are set to music and go off every 20 minutes:

Nice France - Day 4

More around Nice including the flower market, back to the "Colline du Chateau" (this time all the way to the top), and the port.

Picture from the outdoor flower markets at Cours Saieya:
Noah inspecting the spices:

David in front of the Palais des Rois Sardes (Palace of the Kings of Sardinia):
Family at the eastern most part of Cours Saieya:
More markets:
More more markets:

Quai des Etats-Unis - (Wharf of the United States) Renamed this after WWI in thanks for the United States in joining the war :
View of Nice Beach from "Colline du Chateau":
Falls at top of "Colline du Chateau":
View from top:
Lunch spot at top:
Port of Nice from top:
Small fishing boats in Nice harbor:
Small fishing boats:

Port with the Eglise Notre Dame du Port in the back ground:
Fisherman in port:

Nice France - Day 3

Russian Orthodox Cathedral: Opened in 1912, right before WWI, and was given to Nice by Tsar Nicholas II. It is the largest Russian Orthodox Cathedral outside of Russia (,_Nice)
Our favorite cafe for our morning dose of coffee. The french cafes have all outfacing chairs making for good people watching.

Roman ruins:
Hilltop gardens at Paroisse de Cimiez:‎
More gardens:
More gardens:
More gardens:
La paroisse Sainte-Marie des Anges:‎
Back to the Beach for more sun and fun:
Sunset over Nice: