Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dresden - nighttime and Dixieland fireworks

One thing we really like to do in Dresden is walk around at sunset an nighttime as there is a lot going on at night and the buildings are spectacular. Dresden is a very safe city at night and if you do visit you should make sure to walk around the Alt Stadt area at sunset and into the night.

Golden statue of Fredrich Augustus the strong at sunset:

Hof Church (court church, the cathlic church that August build in order to become king of Poland):
Setting up for the Dixieland fireworks display. Yes i said Dixieland, this is the 40th anniversary of the Dixieland festival, they have a lot of Dixieland jazz around Dresden and on the paddle boats. The balloon was inflated right before the fireworks, and it looked really cool, however it was a bit windy so they had to give it up right before the fireworks display:

Sunset over the Altstadt skyline:

Frauen Kirche (showing off some of the nice pictures i got):

Dinner at Watske, beer garden in Neu Stadt, right near the Augustus Golden horse:

Same picture with a flash this time. I like taking shots without the flash, so much more detail however the drawback is that i usually catch someone moving, Melissa this time:

For the Dixieland celebration all the paddle boats went out for a parade at the same time; it is a rare event during tourist season not seeing any boats docked. Then they all came in one after another in a procession, the largest paddleboat parade in the world. As part of the ceremonies when the last boat docked they all blew their whistles at the same time and then the fireworks display started. This was one of the best displays we have seen in Dresden, and that is saying a lot, the fireworks displays here are easily better than in the US.

Whistles blowing...

Fireworks display from the perfect vantage point - Brühl Terrace:

More fireworks:


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