Friday, October 22, 2010

Our last Days in Dresden

Our last days in Dresden were filled with Noah and I packing, cleaning, and watching world cup games. We love Dresden and will definately come back here:

Sunset over AltStadt from Fan Park:
Screen at Fan Park:

Skyline of AltStadt:
Frauen Kirche:
Statue holding up the pillar at the Residence Schloss:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More soccer at Fan Park

More World cup action in Dresden:

Fan Park, Noah and i were regulars and managed to catch about 2 of the 3 daily games, again the Fan Park is a great place to watch and we along with about 4 other American even formed a cheering section for the USA games, although the USA didn't attract as many onlookers as other teams:

Noah and a friend, Theodore, watching the games:

Noah and Theodore banging the free noise makers, i made them sit away from me as they were a bit loud:

Late game and a view of the AltStadt, we are going to miss this skyline:
As our time in Dresden winds down i can't believe what a beatiful place Dresden is and find myself taking a lot more pictures of the AltStadt sites, here is the clock at the Zwinger, and the Meissen porcelain bells:

Friday, October 1, 2010

More World Cup - Second German Game - DEUTSCHLAND UBER ALLES

Being that we didn't have a TV and the great atmosphere at the Fan Park we ended up spending a lot time here watching a lot of games. This particular game was another German game and it was very crowded. The times for the Games of the 2010 world cup fit perfectly in the German schedule as they were on the exact same time as the games in Afrika. That is they were all late afternoon and night games. During halftime during this game they broadcast the nightly news live from Fan Park.
Packed with fans:
The news stage on the right:

Fan Park is located in a perfect location right across the Elbe River:

Noah and i both got addicted to the unofficial German theme song for the world cup. The song is from a German band called SportFreunde Stiller and is called 54, 74, 90, 2010. It is named so from the 3 times Germany won the World Cup and includes this year as the song is a rally cry.

They would play this video before each German match and the fans would go nuts and stand, dance, and sing along it was absolutely cool. Here is the Video, listen to it a few times and you will become addicted too:

Dresdener Zwinger and other shots

Postplatz - one of the strassebahn stops near our apartment:
Few more shots of the Zwinger. I was exploring the shots off the water. In the morning the fountains are usually off:

Through the Zwinger the horse in front of the Semper Oper:
Statues at the Residence Schloss: we walk by these guys every day on the way to Noah's school, they will be missed:

World Cup in Germany - Weltmeister 2010

During our last 2 weeks in Germany we were treated to the World Cup Europe style which is a great treat as it is as big of an event as any.

Here is the Fan Park which is an area for watching every world cup game along with other fans. When ever there is a German game the place is packed, you can see the lines in this picture:
Here we are watching the game outdoors for dinner. All the resturants put up large screens as viewing the games is common pastime. The people would support their teams including many loyal foreigners with flags and trinkets. At this resturant some Dresdeners with Australian connections, they even had a large kangaroo:
The Drei Konig Kirche at dawn, we were watching the game right below it, you can see the three kings half way up:
Sunset on our way home: