Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dresden - my parents visiting

My parents made it to Dresden and stayed here for just under a week, seeing a lot of the things in and around Dresden. We tried to have a dinner at the beer garden at Schloss Albrechtsberg however we go there 5 minutes after in closed so they were not serving anymore.

Schloss Albrechtsberg:
Beer garden at Schloss Albrechtsberg:
View from the beer garden at Schloss Albrechtsberg, notice the vineyards on the hillside:

My parents walking through the beer garden:

Asparagus (Spargel in German) is a very popular vegetable. When it is in season in Germany you can find many stands around town selling the local harvest. Here a vendor at Post Platz, a central stop for strassebahn’s (street cars) in our area.

Lilacs in front of the Zwinger

Germans have a lot of festivals and they are great fun so I was pleased to find out that the spring festival was going to be at the AltMarkt Platz during my parents stay. The Festivals offer unique shopping from stands and include lots of different foods but lean toward local traditional specialties. Here we are enjoying some of the German food at the spring festival with my parents.

We see a lot of hot air balloons, many times 3 to 5 balloon. Here is a view of the Brühl Terrace from across the river, with a couple balloons in the picture.

Statue in along the Elbe with the Semper Opera accross the river:

The porcelain bell chimes, on the Elbe, at sunset:

Old Stadt from the Neu Stadt river bank:
On the nice days, especially during the weekends, the pastures along the Elbe are a popular place for people to spend time.

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