Sunday, November 22, 2009

German Pastries

Thought i would create a posting about the German pastries as it they are a real treat.

The backerys seem like the only places that are open every day of the week, including holidays. Interesting enough most stores are closed on Sunday; this includes grocery stores so you have to think ahead on Saturdays and before holidays or you are out of luck. There is a German law that prohibits them from being open on Sundays and holidays. There is a small exception for grocery stores in and near main train stations, although they are very busy. Small backerys are very common and there are lots of them all around, every few blocks.

Here is our favorite breakfast place; Eishold, lots of good stuff.

When you get a pastry to go they wrap it in a nice little package:
One of Melissa's favorites:

One of my favorites, Zupfkuchen (a cheesecake pastry):
Schoko brötchen, two hard chocolate bars inside, tasty:
David's Fav, Streuselkuchen:

Streusel stöllen (combo of stöllen and apple streusel inside) :
Donauwellen - One of my favs:
Filled streusel; a custard/creme filling:
Schoco cresant:
Apfel streusel:
Roubarb streusel:

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  1. Do you know any resapeas for the Deutschland Pasterys?