Sunday, November 1, 2009

Paris - Walk along the Seine river

We spent one of our days walking down the Seine River and enjoying the views and sites. Melissa and I often take long walks and have the kids trained for theses long walks. We took a metro to near the Notre Dame cathedral and followed the Seine stopping and taking detours to see the different sites; as we meandered down the river. Our route went roughly like this; Notre Dame, Memorial de la Deportation (memorial to the Holocaust), by the Palais de Justice, across the Pont Neuf bridge, down to the national assembly, down the Invalides Jardin (Napoleon’s tomb), by the Ecole Militaire, down the champ de Mars, to the Eiffel tower, then back along the Seine to the Tuileries and the Louvre for a night time view of the Eiffel tower. I am guessing this is over 6 miles. Our favorite spot in Paris was the Tuileries; which is a garden area right next to the Louvre were we liked sit in the park and relax, we found ourselves ending up there a lot (there is a nice view of the Louvre and the Eiffel tower) at night and in the afternoons.

Here are some pictures from our walk along the Seine River:

Notre Dame and David, Melissa, and Noah:
Notre Dame:
Seine River walk:
Notre Dame:
Inside Notre Dame:
More inside:

David out front:
Side view:

Picture of room inside the Memorial de la Deportation (memorial to the Holocaust). Could just look in this room:
Locations of concentration camps where people were deported to:
More in Memorial de la Deportation:
Modeling shoot we walked by:

View of the Louvre from the Seine River:
Pont Neuf (each bridge, Pont, has a name and different and usually from a different era):
Fall colours and Louvre:
Pont Alexandre III:


Noah in front of the Invalides moat:
Eiffel tower:

Noah helping out; taking his turn to hold up the eiffel tower:

Family (minus our college girl):

Walking up the Eiffel tower:
Noah looking down:

Walking back to the Louvre:

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