Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dresden - fall pictures - Nov 1

Some pictures from Halloween weekend in Dresden; Noah missed trick or treating but spent some quality time online with his freinds, talking on skype and playing Wizard 101. Here are some pictures from Halloween in Dresden:

Melissa going into the lab:

I walked her into the lab and watched a Luft Balloon launch:

It was a bit rocky getting it up, fell on the on lookers a few times:

Finally enough air:

Off it went:

Waterfront skyline for AltStadt (those towers are about 2 blocks from our apartment:

From one of the towers, this is the Semperopera, we are going to try to go to Nutcracker this winter, the location is great (4 blocks from our house) but the tickets are a bit steep.

The FrauenKirche at dusk from the tower:

To the east, the Elbe river:

Next day some different type of geese, same size as our Candian Geese:

Took the kids to the beer garden for some lunch. This is trailer is where they make the gulasch, it is filled with cooking gulasch. The sign reads "Fresh from the gulasch cannon, homemade kettle gulasch", they cook it in the field kitchen (affectionately called a Gulasch cannon); this was pipen hot and full of Gulasch. And yes i had some, btw gulash in Germany is way better the Gulasch i have had back home, better tasting and better quality of meat (usually the quality of meat is not as good here, but in gulasch this seems to be and exception). I have yet to be disappointed when i have eaten.

The GulaschKanone also servered as a great handwarmer after a chilly lunch:

Our four castles along the Elbe in fall colors:

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