Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving in Dresden

Staying here in Dresden gives us a lot of opportunities so see things and learn about different cultures; this we wouldn’t be able to do at home. With this there are however some sacrifices; among the top are not being able to see our daughter, families, or friends as much (although Skype really helps with this). Another big thing is there is no Thanksgiving in Germany and this is my favorite holiday as it brings together family and my favorite foods in one day.

Here in Germany it was an ordinary day and finding the things it takes to have a proper Thanksgiving dinner is difficult. We have been looking since we got here for a Turkey; they don’t sell whole Turkeys here in fact it was hard identify even Turkey breasts. However a week or two before Thanksgiving I did find some (actually by accident, I had picked up puten schnitzel and to me it looked like regular schnitzel, it was not till I was ready to cook it, and did a quick google, that I figured out that it was turkey breast). Corn is hard to find also (we finally found it in a can) and as for stuffing, forget about it.

We were able to throw together a very basic dinner as you can see (the Puten):

Other fixins:
And Budweiser. Ok i don't drink Budweiser at home, but this Budweiser is real beer, unlike our Budweiser back home. It is from the city where the US Budweiser recipe comes from which is Budweis in the Cech Republic.

We have been noticing some changes, in preparation for Christmas in Germany, including the new glow of purple out our back window:

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