Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paris - Walking around and boat tour

Spent another day walking around starting at the Louvre/Tuileries and walked up to the Champs Elysees and took a dusk boat ride down the Seine River. We really enjoyed the Tuileries area, and since this was a vacation we decide to take a day with no plans and walk around (except a boat tour at dusk).

Pyramid at the Louvre (we liked the cafeteria, so we ate there a few times):

The inner Pyramid, feel the power.

A street musical out our apartment window in the Latin Quarter:
At the Tuileries main reflecting pond, we saw them putting in cymbals throughout the pond earlier in the week, perhaps a type of art work, this turned into a musical instrument cause people would throw rocks and you could hear he occasional clang/crashing of the cymbals when they were hit. This was great fun and we joined in also, although it took a bit of effort to find good rocks.
Interesting statue to say the least; gave Noah a bit Halloween flavor, which is one of the things that we are missing from back home, they don’t celebrate Halloween in Dresden, although customes and Halloween parties are on the rise.
Dusk boat tour:
Eiffel tower at Dusk:
National Assembly:
Notre Dame Cathedral:
Eiffel tower:
Eiffel Tower.
Different lighting scheme:

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