Sunday, November 8, 2009

Paris - Last day, Luxembourg Gardens

Our Last day (or half day) we decided to walk around the Latin Quarter and relax at the Luxembourg Gardens:

Vendor selling seafood of all kinds, some pretty exotic stuff sold here, couldn't even image how to cook, yet alone eat some of this items:


Enjoying coffee and the sun:

Luxembourg gardens:

Kids would push these sailboats with sticks and they would sail across the pond:

Fountain of the Observatory; four nude women supporting the globe, representing the Four Continents of classical iconography. If you look closely you can see the African woman has chains around her leg and the Amerian woman is standing on the chains. Also the horses are Marine horses; that is their back two leg are actually like a mermaids.
Different angle:

Here is the one from the Musee d Orsay, you can really see the chains here:

The flowers are the Gardens:

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