Sunday, November 1, 2009

Paris - Latin Quarter

We spend another day exploring the Latin Quarter which is the area where our apartment was located. Sites included shops outside our apartment, Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin Du Luxembourg), Palais du Luxembourg (Senate), Sorbonne University of Paris, and the Pantheon.

Streets outside our apartment:
Walking toward the Luxumbuorg Gardens:
The Senate:
Gardens and the Senate:
The twin statues of happiness:
La Fontaine Medicis:
Relaxing and feeding the pigeons :
We spend a good part of the day meandering through the park and seeing the statues, gardens, buildings and park. The park had bocce ball, tennis, soccer, and playgrounds. While taking a break, I noticed through the trees what looked like the base of what could be the statue of liberty, i thought couldn't be and I was amazed when I when over to investigate and sure enough we found the first made statue of liberty, we didn't even know that this existed.
This was used as the model for the Statue of liberty in New York and the Statue of liberty on the Seine River. If you look close at the book it has 15 DE NOVEMBRE 1889, this is the date in which the larger statue (not the one in New York) on the Seine River (which we also saw) was inaugurated. This one was built in 1870 and later donated to the Luxembourg Gardens. Also they added a little oak tree right next to it with a plaque as a memorial to the victims of 911 attacks: and
Below Noah and Liberty: French playing a game of Bocce Ball (i think), it was fun to watch them.
Relaxing and feeding the pigeons :
Panthean and Sorbonne University (left):
Panthean, David, Noah, and Melissa:
Below the Panthean there are Crypts that contain the remains of a lot famous french including Marie Curie. Melissa got the chills in the Crypts and thought it was from the spirts. Must have been Marie Curie giving her some encourgement or trying to swap stories.
Foucault pendulum in the Panthean (, demonstrated the rotation of the earth, still swinging today:
Joan of Arc series of wall murals, we see of lot of them in paris as she was a Saint/heroine of France. Here she is having a vision if you look hard you can see an angel handing here a sword. (For more on Joan of Arc
In battle:
Joan at the coronation of Charles VII:
Execution by burning at the stake:
Stopping for a coffee at a Cafe:
Church near the Sorbonne (if you look closely, click on image to see a larger version, you can see the "hat" on the statue, college kids?):

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