Sunday, November 22, 2009

Aunt Bee's sheep

My aunt Bee had heard that sheep will graze on the pastures of the Elbe, and can be seen moving through the city in the present day. It seemed like this was possible, perhaps likely, but we walk/bike a lot along the Elbe and have never seen such a sight however i told her that i would watch for it. Sure enough last week we saw some along the Elbe right by the castles.

Her story mentioned that the StrasseBahn (street cars) would stop and allow the sheep to cross the bridges in the city however we have yet to see them on the move nor have we seen them cross the bridges in the city, as she had heard, but we are watching for that and it also seems possible.

Here are a few pictures of Aunt Bee's Sheep: Note if you look back in the blog you can see the summer time pictures of the same area and see how things have changed as winter nears:

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