Sunday, November 8, 2009

Paris - Chateau de Vincennes - and back to the Tuileries

The Chateau de Vincennes is a castle/protected city on the outskirts of Paris that was first built in the 14th Century. We took the subway to the Chateau metro stop then on our way back we stopped at the Touleries to relax.
If you want to find out more about the Chateau de Vincennes and it history here is the Wikipedia link:

One of the front gates to the outer castle:

Checkout the drawbridge:
Another inner wall with the old castle in the back ground:
The outer walls moat:

Cathedral inside the outer walls:

Gargoyles on the Cathedral:

The inner castle moat. The inner castle dates back to the 14th Century, this was a really deep moat:

The 14th Century Chateau, we really enjoyed looking around this Castle and had a real gothic feel, you could get a real feel for what it might have been like living in this Castle back in the 14th Century. It looked like right out of a story book. Me in front: "King of the Castle":
Different lighting; can you find Noah defending the castle?

Drawings in the old Castle in the prison, from prisoners (they must have given them paints for good behavior, kinda like we give them internet and cable today):

Noah at a guard point:

Noah "the Archer" defending the Castle :

Mom "the Attacker" storming the Castle:

Inside the old castle:

Inner walls of the old castle, can you see Noah?

The Archer:

Back to the Toileries for some relaxing:

The Louvre:
The Eiffel tower in its blinking light Mode:

Another shot:

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