Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dresden at night

Dresden Altstadt area is a very scenic even at night, here are some pictures i took during a walk around Dresden:

Altstadt from across the Elbe, centered on the Frauenkirche:
Centered on the Residence schloss and the Hof kirche to the right:
Another one of our favorite beer gardens located just across the Augustus Bridge, Augustus Garten am Narrenhausl:
Hof kirche from the Ausgustus bridge:
Brule terrace:
Residence schloss:
A clock spire of the Residence schloss:
Wall of princes:

The Frauenkirche:
Frauenkirche market area:
Fireworks from Brules terrace, we see a lot of fireworks from this terrace as they are a very frequent event and i have to say a lot better then in the US, lots of Simultaneous fireworks and ground works:
The Kulturpalast:

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