Monday, July 19, 2010

Dresden - buildings/statues near the Rathaus

Some pictures around Dresden in May:

Clock tower at the Rathaus near Post Platz with red chestnut trees in bloom

Dresden's "Rubble" lady (Trümmerfrau) statue: a monument to the women who helped dig out Dresden after WWW II:
Statue near altmarket:

Church of the Holy Cross (Kreutzkirche):

Over a doorway on the Rathaus, lots of flowing liquids:
Other statues in front of the Rathaus:
More in front of the Rathaus, actually there are 2 of these in front of the Rathaus:
Stallhof courtyard where jousting and other "courtly tournaments" took place, part of the Residence Schloss:
Noah looking for a jousting partner:
Augusta the strong, this is the wall of the Transportation Museum (Verkehrsmuseum), this wall just finished being refurbished in May:

Old German Statue right near the Frauenkirche:
This statue looks like a mirror image of the statue in this link showing some of the fallout from the horrific Dresden Firebombing (i actually thought it was the same statue but don't think so, unless the image is backwards in the old photo):,_Dresden,_Tote_nach_Bombenangriff.jpg

The Frauenkirche:

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