Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dresden- another "typical" weekend

In Dresden we sometimes see the old strassebahns running special trips, perhaps for special groups including what looks like field trips for the young school children. On this weekend (end of May) we saw a lot of old strassebahns and they were actually running normal routes. David had heard this was the last weekend they were going to run these old strassebahns and that they were going to be retired, not sure but he could be right, anyway we were treated to a some strassebahns that we have never seen and we also noticed people taking pictures, which would support what David had heard.

Red strassebahn entering Postplatz:

Older yellow version:

The modern strassebahns, one of our main forms of transportation:

On this weekend we were also treated to a soccer event to get people excited for the Woman's world cup, one of the host cities is Dresden. They had a mini field in the middle of these displays where they had kids matches throughout the day:

Temperary field with kids and soccer games all day:
We ended up going to the Grosser Gardens and walking around, just a real beatiful great garden:

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