Monday, July 19, 2010

Dresden - visit to Schillerplatz

Schillerplatz is located near the Blue Wonder (the big blue bridge over the Elbe on the east side of Dresden) and is the place where we would go a lot for food and groceries when we first arrived in Dresden (we lived in the temporary housing in the Max Planck which is near here). So although we don't get over to that side of town very often when we do get nostalgic of our first days in Dresden. Noah took the next two pictures:
Enjoying a great lunch at the Schillerplatz Beer Garden, the Blue wonder can be seen on the left and the Schwebebahn track on the right (this is where we are heading):
Loschwitz area (just across the Blue Wonder):
Statue on the entrance building to the Schwebebahn (Monorail), these guys aren't doing a very good job of holding up the building:
The Schwebebahn opened in 1901 and was not damaged during WWII. The total travel distance up the hill is about 274 meters and the rise about 84 meters. The two "cars" move in opposite directions and in the photo below it's coming down to pick us up:
Noah all excited for the ride, Melissa thinking of Micro Tubules:
TV tower as seen from the platform at the top of the Schwebebahn:
Birdseye view, you can see the Blue Wonder over the Elbe and the track of the Schwebebahn:
View out the window on the way down:
Taken from on the Blue Wonder toward the Dresden Castles, notice the water level is very high:
Just across the Blue Wonder on the bank of the Elbe is the great bakery where we had a Coffee and desert break:

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