Monday, July 19, 2010

Dresden - trip to the clock tower in the Residence Schloss

On the way to the tower we pass by the wall of princes, this is a popular spot for the artists/actors to strut their stuff. Here is the very faithful "August the Weak", we see him year round and he is one of our favorites:

Put an coin in his cup and you can see August the weak in action:

(if click this link if you cannot see the video above:

Inside the Residence Schloss's covered courtyard:

Noah in the doorway to the spire leading up to the clock tower, it is actually a little tough to find the way up to the tower, we found it by accident the first time:

View out a window in the Spire:

View of the statues on the Hofkirche 3/4 of the way up:
View from the top, Frauenkirche on the right:

Birdseye view of the Zwinger:

Semper Oper:

Hofkirche and the Elbe:

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