Friday, August 27, 2010

Part 3: Neckarsteinach - day trip off the beaten path

After lunch off to Dilsberg (Burg Dilsberg). Neckarsteinach promenade;
Noah in front of the Dam that we need to cross on our hike up to Dilsberg:
Close up of the Dam:
View of Neckarsteinach from the Dam, you can see the two castles that still have people living in them:
Dilsberg church on the hilltop:
Ruins of the Dilsberg castle, our 5th castle of the day:

War memorial right at the base of the castle, WWI and WWII:
More of the hilltop town: Dilsberg is a walled in city and in the picture below you can see the wall:
Up on the Castle ruins, look closely and you can see Noah on the wall:
Me near the tower:
The main entrance to the city, we came up the back hill so this entrance was on the otherside of the town, this would be where you entered if you came by car, although when i look up this place i heard it was hard to find the road to get here, so i this was again a perfect trip, off the beaten path, just what Noah and i wanted to see.

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