Friday, August 6, 2010

Heidelberger langes Wochenende - Teil 1

Heidelberg long weekend trip - part 1:

Noah had been looking forward to this trip for a while, it was a trip where Noah and I were going to explore around Heidelberg and David was to meet us here although he was going to be a bit busy, taking his SAT test then leaving from Frankfurt to go back to the US. Yes our year here was getting close to an end.

We were going to meet Melissa in Heidelberg as she had a conference here, however our daughter at home had a medical emergency and Melissa had to go back to the US to check on her, so Melissa only spent a day in Heidelberg. Kate had a Pulmonary embolism which was quickly treated and because of this she is doing well. Thanks Paul and Matt for acting quicky and taking her to the emergency room and to everyone else for helping out.

Because we bought our train tickets early we got first class tickets which was very nice, here is Noah stretching out in first class:

The trip to Heidelberg was about 5 hours from Dresden, and we saw lots of fields sprinkled with little villages and occasonally bigger cities:

We made it to Heidelberg at dusk, just in time to do a little walking around, we stayed in a real German hotel called the Vier Jahreszeiten (four seasons) which is a great little traditional German hotel at the base of the Heidelberg bridge, which i recommend (however there are no elevators so if you are packing for bear (over packed) you might want to consider this)

The famous Heidelberg bridge from right out the door of the Vier Jahreszeiten:

The Heidelberg Castle from the Bridge, the Bridge is just for walking now which makes it an ideal spot to visit at night:

The base of the Heidelberg bridge, must have been a gate to the city at one point:

Noah found this little statue at the bridge:

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