Friday, August 27, 2010

Heidelberger langes Wochenende - Teil 3

Back to the Heidelberg old city on Noah's planned itenery, here is the castle from the tower of the Heiliggeistkirche (Holy Ghost Church):
Noah on the Heiliggeistkirche:
Inside of the Heiliggeistkirche:
Around the Heiliggeistkirche was a wonderful farmers market with great fruits and things to buy also there was a famous walking street through the center of old Heidelberg that was a busy shopping corridor, were English seemed voices seemed out outnumber German, which was a first for us as this was a very popular area for English speaking tourists.
Thoughout the old city you can find many cool statues and artifacts like this one:

The famous statue with the Heidelberg castle in the backgound is a very iconic image of Heidelberg:
Back up to the castle with David, he finished his test and caught up with us, looking back on the Heiliggeistkirche and the Neckar river:
David and Noah in one of the guard houses of the castle, again notice the red rock:
Cool red castle walls against the blue sky:
More of the old castle:

A very German emblem on the Heidelberg Dam over the river:

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