Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend in London - day one

One of David's goals while we are living in Dresden was to visit London. After some pushing we finally did it. We took a long weekend and visited, 2 days wasn’t enough, 4 would have been better as we were a bit rushed and didn’t see everything we wanted, although we knew this going in. Also with so much traveling in a short period of time we were exhausted after the weekend, which is not an ideal way to way to start the next week.

David did a lot of the planning and we saw a lot of interesting sites and had a great time. Noah is good at getting ahead in the lines and getting us good seats on the planes and trains. It is enjoyable seeing how much the kids are learning from our travels and I know we will miss this when we get back home to Minnesota.

Off to the pictures:

The Marble Arch Horse in Marble Arch Square, this made for a good spot to eat our lunches:

Noah fulfilling one of his "essential to do items": riding on the top of a London Double Decker bus; and the coveted front row seat. This was on our first morning trip on our way to Trafalgar Square.

London Trafalgar Square, the start of our day.

Noah keeping the lion at bay on one of the four Sir Edwin Landseer's lions. Nelson's column in the middle of the lions at the four corners. I had to lift Noah up on the Statue Pedestal.

Admiralty Arch, behind it the mall to Buckingham Palace

On our way to 10 downing street, Big Ben in the distance:
Houses of Parliament, Westminster, and the House of Lords (the very tall building on the right). All of us really enjoyed this area as it is very impressive and the House of Lords is a very prominate building in the London skyline.
The London Eye across the Thames, i couldn't get any takers and we were pressed for time, so next time.
Big Ben:

Westminster and the Houses of Parliament, i would liked to spend the whole day in this area, but more to see:
House of Lords and Westminster:
Westminster Abbey: A must see site, we easily spend 3 hours here (and could have spent more), so much to see inside and in the court yards (no pictures allowed inside). This was taken from one of the court yards:

Buttresses of Westminster Abbey:

Front of Westminster Abbey:
St. Margarets Church with Big Ben in the background. This church had an cool blue sundail clock, you can see if you click on this image for a larger view:
Perfect Parliament Square picture, had to take it.
St James park, buildings near 10 Downing street in background:
Buckingham Palace:
Down the mall looking away from Buckingham palace. There must have been some dignitaries from South Africa in town:
Gates at Buckingham palace:
Artsy shot of the Gates:
Checking out the Guards:
Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace as the sun begins to set.
Marker for the Princess Diana Memorial Walk, we followed on our way back to our hotel. We finishing walking through Hyde Park as it was closing, in fact as we neared the exit the police were making sure people we leaving by driving through the park and announcing the park wask closed as were heading to the exits. It was dark when we finally made out:
This looked good for dinner and a few Bevies:
Noah enjoying some of the local food including Yorkshire pudding at a local British Pub right outside of Hyde Park. A good end to a long day of sightseeing:

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