Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Munich weekend - David explores Munich

Noah played on the Dresden International School and they had a big tournament over a long weekend in Munich where I watched a lot of basketball and did a little sightseeing and David did a lot of sightseeing and no basketball. These are some of David pictures from his adventures.

We loved Munich and i would like to go back again so i can see more.

The Munichener Frauenkirche:
A few buildings in the Engischer Gardens, David really enjoyed these large gardens:
BMW world:
Olympic villages, from the 1972 olympics:
New vehicle area in BMW world,
James Bond collection of BMW's, original BMW's used the the Bond movies:
Front gate at Dachau concentration camp - "Work will set you free" the nafarious geeting on the entrance gate:
Some of the building at Dachau:
Curved memorial building at Dachau - made with all curves, to stand out from the other regular buildings that made up the original camp:

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