Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend in London - day two

Day 2: Trafalgar Square from the Double Decker Bus:
Lions at Trafalgar Square:
Noah happy on the Double Decker, got the front seat again:
Tower of London and the Tower Bridge in the background:

Inside the Tower of London on an outer wall:
Noah taking a shot from a tower, lots of hands on stuff that he really liked here:
One of the workers, had a nice chat with him about football (soccer), he was trying to recuit Noah for his football club Hampton FC when got older, told Noah they could use a good forward.

Tower of London, White Tower in the middle:
Guard protecting the Crown Jewels:
White Tower:

Location of the Crown Jewels.
Noah manning the cannon:

Tower Bridge:
Melissa, in her birthday suit, being launched by a dolphin over the Tower Bridge (she didn't know i took this picture of her):
Walking over the Tower Bridge:
David and downtown London:
Tower of London from across the Thames:
Shakespeare's Globe theater:
Millennium Bridge, walking bridge over the Thames. St. Paul's Cathedral in the background, we climbed up to the very top of the dome:
Climbing up to the top of the dome:
View from the top of the dome:
David on top of the Dome:
St. Paul's Cathedral from the front:
Front of the British Museum:

Inside court yard of the British Museum:
Form imatating life, Melissa and Noah find a resemblance. Me want Gum Gum, Melissa and Noah Dum Dum:
Subway stop on way back to our hotel:

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