Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rome: last day - Rome and Mediterranean Sea

Our last day in Italy we spent the morning in Rome, walking around again, then took a train to a small town on the Mediterranean Sea, about an hour train ride of which I would guess we were the only Americans.

The town was a bit deserted and not on the tourist routes so we were the only ones there along with the local towns people. Their tourist season seemed to start April 1st as we noticed a few signs but it did seem to be setup for perhaps Italian tourists. We spend some time walking around the town and on the beach and even saw some ruins in the surf and on the shoreline.

Noah really liked it because he could run around in the surf and the beaches are always his favorite.

Capitoline Hill:

Mediterranean Sea (Anzio Italy): Noah doing his water jig.
Bluffs, i think the hole in the sandstone was once a path from the top of the hill to the beach:
David and Noah beaching it up:
Bluffs and light house, again the hole here could have been a path down to the beach. The hill top is covered with some ruins, youi can see some in this picture:
David checking out the surf:
Shoes on process:
The lighthouse with Cacti garden. I am guessing these are prickly pairs and if you look closely you can see them with fruit:
Dodging the waves for a picture:

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