Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rome: the pope

David, Noah, and I all went to see the Pope one morning as we got tickets and David really wanted to see him. We were thinking it would be held in the Piazza San Pietro however with it was held in the Papal Audience Chamber which was packed with almost 12,000 people.

In the Papal Audience Chamber waiting for the Pope:

The pope walking in:

The pope seated protected by the swiss guard:
Message from the pope, read in about 10 different languges:

We figured that the Pope wouldn't mind us leaving early since we are not catholics, so we ducked out early as different groups were being presented from the audience in the different langages, including them singing special songs for the pope. The meeting was going too long for all of us and we had the Forum and Palintine Hill waiting for us.
The Baslica from a different angle:

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