Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rome: Coliseum area

Noah's choice was to visit the Coliseum as soon as possible as he was very excited to see it, so on our second day we visited the coliseum and explored the surrounding area:

The best way to get there is to take bus 64 which is commonly referred to as the wallet express; as this bus is infamous for its pick pockets. Tourists commonly take this bus route to and between the different sites. Try googling “pick pocket” and “Rome” and you will usually get information cautioning about Bus 64. Knowing this we took extra precautions and were incident free all week.
It’s easy to see how this could happen with the jostling during the bus ride, the packed bus (I mean packed), and the fact that Italian’s are the most creative drivers I have seen, using the all the lanes to meander down the roads as quickly as possible further exacerbating the jostling. So you think; just cover your pockets and valuables and you will be fine however what you don’t realize is that with the jostling and jump starting and stopping you must hold on to avoid being thrown to the ground as finding a seat is difficult. This makes it difficult to protect your pockets and bags.

Once we got off the bus we explored on our way to the coliseum and eventually bought tickets for the Coliseum/Forum/Palentine hill (2 day passes, although the signs said 3 days more later on that). We only had enough time to see the Coliseum this day as they stopped letting people into the forum by the time we got there.
Here are some pictures from our day:
Victor Emanuel Monument:

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:
Looking out to the Forum of Trajan:
The our first view of the Coliseum:
Fam and the Coliseum:

Statues on the Victor Emanuel Monument:

Forum of Trajan, our next stop to explore:
Noah in the ruins:

Maps of the extents of the Roman Empire from begining, small dot in Italy (on left) to the full extent on the right (in white):

Geography lesson 101, studing the maps:
About to enter the Coliseum:

Coliseum and David:
Notice the Cross in this picture this is where the royalty would sit:
Can you find Melissa and Noah?
Perfect lunch spot:
On top of the Victor Emanuel Monument we found a great cafe with a great view, common stopping point for Melissa's coffee addition via a cappicino and expressos for David and I:

Statue from on the Piazza del Campidoglio, the Piazza was designed by Michelangelo for Pope Paul III:
Statue of Marcus Aurelius on the Piazza del Campidoglio:

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