Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weihnachtsmarkt's season in Germany

The Christmas markets here in Dresden are a big deal. We feel very fortunate to be here and be able to experience this. There are at least 6 different markets within a mile from our house as we live the central historic part of Dresden. We really enjoy walking around and sampling the food, Gluhwein, and the Christmas atmosphere. The weekends are a bit too crowded as people come from all around the world to go to the markets. We wanted to stay overnight in Nuremburg, however because of the popularity there were no hotel openings, we will make it there eventually. Most Christmas markets start the first Advent weekend and run through Christmas

The biggest one is the Striezelmarkt has been going on for 575 years and claims to be the oldest; that is amazing. There is a medieval one right next to our apartment and the two around the FrauenKirche.

More pictures to come as they are still going on.

Front of the Striezelmarkt (according to David's german friends Striezel is an old word for stollen):
Another market:

FrauenKirche market, in that glocken spiel they sell Gluhwein and other good stuff:
Market in Neu Stadt:
Noah and his friends are on the farris wheel, we walk by this too much on the way to and from his friend house and he often talks me into allowing him to ride. Noah and his friend like to make paper airplanes then launch them from the top, after which they try to find them.

One of the very many Gluhwein and brat vendors; Melissa and David enjoying a treat.

Striezel Market:
NeuStadt market from above.
Noah with AltStadt in the background:

Stollen is a really big thing in Dresden, as Dresdeners are given claim to having the first mention of Stollen on record (thus given credit for it):
(my next post in fact will be on the Stollen fest which occurs on the 2nd weekend of Advent):

Street entertainment:
Stollhof markt (Medieval Market):
Dresden AltStadt skyline from the ferris wheel (ok i ride with Noah on the ferris wheel, someone has to watch him):

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  1. Keith and family,

    These are great. You guys are getting spoiled with all that culture and history. Mendota Heights will seem downright provincial when you come back.