Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day trip to Meißen Germany - Dad and David

David and i took a day trip to Meissen; Meissen is world famous for its porcelain (Meissen porcelain, it is very, very expensive; at least $150 for tea cup). Meissen porcelain is the first porcelain invented in all of Europe. Thanks to Augustus the Strong who loved prorcelain and wanted it to be made here so he locked up 2 scientists in Koningstein Castle (see previous blog post) until they figured out how to make it. This porelain had generated a lot of wealth for Meissen and Dresden.

For more on Meissen see the following link:

Albrechtsburg residents and Cathedral as seen rising above the town:

City streets:
There is one bridge to the protected part of the city:
Bridge and gateway:
Cathredral, check out the gothic style:

David overlooking the city:
Keith on the one bridge to and from the inner hill top city:
The Meissen Weihnachtsmarkt (the building in back must serve as a Advent calendar):

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