Friday, April 16, 2010

Our visitors around Dresden

More pictures with our Dresden visitors. Me dancing with the Mozart statues.

Enjoying some of the local bevies on Bruhlsche Terrasse. The Elbe through the window.

Dresden Dynamo game was a blast! We all commented how cool it was that the fan section kept up cheers over the whole game and it didn't take the prompting from blasted in music over the stadium. Led by the main cheer leader, on a podium in the front of the section, they went through all their different chants. I was thinking how do you get that job. BTW Dynamo beat Weder Breman II in close game 1 to 0.

In a show of thanks to the fans the whole Dynamo team walked out on the field held hands and bowed to each of the fan sections. Image a professional team in the US doing that. This experience was a real treat for us all.

I did shoot a few videos of the fans but these didn't capture the true ambiance (i was too busy enjoying it) i will get better video if i go again:

Sports at it's purest.
Big Dynamo fans:
Semper Oper

Again the Mozart statue (i don't get in enough pictures).
Walk along the Elbe we were treated to this schone sunset.

We were able to have dinner at our favorite outdoors beer garden (it had just opened on April 1) and enjoyed this sunset over the Elbe.
Noah wanted me to post this picture of Mike's favorite store in Dresden:

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