Friday, April 16, 2010

Our first visitors! Weekend in Berlin - March 26

Mike and Zach were our first visitors in Dresden and had a great time. David's friend Josh came the next day which made our a apartment full to the brim. They ended up going to Prague, with David guiding the way. We all also went to Berlin and managed to catch a Dynamo (Dresden Soccer game).

Mike relaxing at bar in Neustadt (just on the other side of the Elbe) trying a unfiltered beer, a specialty for local breweries as the shelf life for a unfiltered beer is very short and they only offer it near the brewery. We also were able to sample some Radeberger unfiltered which is only served at the brewery and on the Bruhlsche Terrasse.
Noah and Zach spending time on the train to Berlin.

Berlin Museum island - Alte Nationalgalerie.

Mom and Noah in front of the Berlin Cathedral:
Inside the Pergamon Museum. The Pergamon is unusual in that they moved very large monuments from Turkey and reassembled them in this musuem. It is a musuem that includes some very large rebuilt monuments that are housed inside. Taking a break on the Pergamon Altar.
Aong the river the BodeMuseum with TV tower at Alexanderplatz in the background. We have become accustomed to a lot of walking and our guests got a flavor of this.
You got to love this interesting sign on the river:
Interesting railing:
Investigating a "Brick of the wall" along our walk:
Reichstag at dusk, still haven't made it in, but the closest yet (we got up to the door before we left the line this time):

Group crossing the river near the Reichstag:

Noah and Zach share an "over the wall" greeting. The bricks on the street mark where the wall once stood. The Brandenburg gate, in background, stood in a netural area walled in on both sides.
Sony center atrium top near the Berlin Potsdamer Platz.
The wall segment near the Topography of Terror:
Enjoying a break over some brats, and currywurst. Zach and Mike just loved the brats from the local stands. I think Zacks personal best was 5 brats in a day). In the background you can see the Trabant car a real cheap car that fueled the DDR.
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