Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend to Prague - Old town - Sept 26

Soo much to see in Prague (Praha) that i am going to break up into a few posts; this first post are pictures from old town.

TV antenna, in Europe they have the most elaborate i have ever seen, they must have the whole transformers up in the air.

Powder town, heading toward old town.

Melissa, David, and Noah blocking traffic under the powder tower.

First glimpse of the Tyn's Church. The roof top is real cool looking. There are many impressive structures in Prague and many are original, as Prague avioded a lot of damage from the wars.

Tyn's church from front of Town Square. Double click to get a full look at the detail on the roof, it is amazing.

Astronomical clock tower, this tower has both a tower and the astronomical clock, the coolest clock i have have ever seen. The astro clock is from 1490 or so, it has a 2 different numbering systems, Arabic and Old Bohemian, a calender of events, moon, day, night, and a bottle opener.

Full astro clock. Every hour it put off a display;

Clock dial.

Event dial.

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