Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moving into our new place in Alt Stadt (Sept 12)

We finally moved into our new place! We are living about 5 miles (whatever that is in km's) from the institute. We waited until Sunday to finally move in because we or I, thought we didn't have internet yet. We can't live without internet, it is more important than the furniture. Friday I tested the internet and it didn't appear to work so we decided not to move in. David mentioned that we should check our mail box because they could have the information we need to start it. But I ignored him and didn't check the mail box. I know how the internet works and I don't need no packet.

On Sunday morning we decided to move in with or without the internet, a bold move, the institute housing was getting old and we were excited about our new location. Melissa decided to check our mail box and sure enough there was a packet in there explaining how to get the internet going. David and Melissa got it going, so that made our day.

We moved using the StrasseBahn (street car), we each brought a roller suitcase back and forth about 6 times, a lot of trips back and forth.

Our apartment is furnished completely with IKEA furniture. David and I had fun putting it all together. In Germany they usually take all the light fixtures and it is also somewhat common to take the kitchen with you when you move. Our place had a kitchen (and a dishwasher, big selling point for me) however no light fixtures, just wires from the ceiling. I found the perfect light fixture at IKEA, 2 Euros for the fixture, 3 Euros for the Japanese paper ball, and 6 Euros for 3 bulbs; pretty economical especially since we needed about 8 of these. Actually I was surprised I was able to convince Melissa that this was the way to go, but I did.

With all the stuff we ordered we only had one mix up, our bed frame didn't match our mattress. We didn't figure this out until the last step; when I tried to put the mattress on the frame and the frame was too big. Oh and by the way, in case you were curious, you can't return things to IKEA if you have assembled it. So if anyone needs a bed frame we have one that you can get cheap, although you have to come and get it.

We really like our new place it is very warm and sunny and there is a lot going on. Here are some pictures:

View out our window, if you look closely you can see a big chunk of bricks in the square, this is an orginal piece of the Frauenkirche that survived bombing during WWII.

The other direction out our window.

Out our family room window (see the frauenkirche)

David and Noah's room

Family room (notice the light fixture, my pride an joy). Windows can completely open to the side so it is like a big open area.

Our kitchen. (light fixtures)

My desk, in our bedroom

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