Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend to Prague - Castle and Cathedral area - Sept 26

Ok last set of pictures from Prague. St Vitus's Cathedral in the middle of the Prague castle. Side view of the Cathedral.
Front view, can't get it all in the picture cause i am up against the castle wall. The castle walls totally protect the cathedral.

In St Nicholas Church, on the way up the hill.

Castle to the right, waiting for the pope. The pope was in town however we only got to see some of his staff, guys in red. Notice the blue motor cycles, they rode up in unison, reminded us of the shriners. A lot of security also if you look on the top of the building to the left you can see an ninja sniper.

Noah on top of the hill, wonderful view.

View of Prague form the Castle.Looking up the hill the castle walls and cathedral.

Lucky monument on the bridge, you can see the spot where all the people rub for luck.

Noah getting "caught up" in Prague.
The gargoyals/rain spouts on the cathedral.

Back of the cathedral and Noah.
Inside the cathedral, this is the biggest church i have ever been in. Nice lighting from the stained glass windows. David also.

More inside, The cathedral has about 30 bays each with some interesting things. Above David in the glow from the stained glass windows.
Not exactly sure what this is, some sort of sun dial i think.

David overlooking Prague.

Inside church again.

Ok enough last picture, prague train station, waiting for our train back to Dresden. We will come back here, soo much to see and do we only rubbed the surface.

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  1. Beautiful Cathedral, indeed! Thanks for posting pictures.