Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dresden - More Christmas markets

As i had mentioned in a previous posting Germany was hit with big snow storm while we were visiting which caused us to cancel our trip to Nuremberg. Instead we got to spend more time around Dresden which was just fine with us.

More of the Striezelmarkt with a fresh blanket of snow:

A stand in the market selling traditional German crafts:
From the Striezelmarkt you can see the Residence Schloss:

Over to the Frauenkirche also freshly snowcovered. The trams were a bit of a mess as the track switches had lots of problems with the snow and ICE, we ended up having to walk most of the way back to the Max Planck because our #12 tram never showed up.
Eating the local food from the Chirstmas market makes for a great lunch and if you are brave you might find a new favorite food.

More food stands, each with Gluhwien of course:

Here is a recipe that for Gluhwien that i have tried at home and it does indeed taste exactly like the Gluhwien at the markets and is very simple to make:

If you do end up making it, let me know what you think.

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