Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dresden - Christmas markets Nov 2010

Noah and i visiting the Christmas markets, Noah enjoying a Kinder Punsch:

Saving a table while i get some brats:
An oversized Pflaumentoffel:

The normal sized ones are tree decorations made of prunes, and they can be eaten
after Christmas. Pflaumentoffel means plum devil; (also called Feuerrüpel or
Fiery Santa), although they are not meant to be devils or Santas, but chimney
sweeps, all dressed in black (the prunes)
with a top hat and a brush. Until
the 20th century, Pflaumentoffel were sold at the Striezelmarkt on trays carried
by children trying to earn some Christmas money. In 1910, however, sale by
children was banned at the Striezelmarkt.
The Striezalmarkt from the bell tower on top of the Frauenkirche.
Noah on the bell tower of the Frauenkirche:

The Striezalmarkt from a viewing platform:
The viewing platform/main entrance:
Video of the Striezalmarkt:

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