Friday, October 1, 2010

World Cup in Germany - Weltmeister 2010

During our last 2 weeks in Germany we were treated to the World Cup Europe style which is a great treat as it is as big of an event as any.

Here is the Fan Park which is an area for watching every world cup game along with other fans. When ever there is a German game the place is packed, you can see the lines in this picture:
Here we are watching the game outdoors for dinner. All the resturants put up large screens as viewing the games is common pastime. The people would support their teams including many loyal foreigners with flags and trinkets. At this resturant some Dresdeners with Australian connections, they even had a large kangaroo:
The Drei Konig Kirche at dawn, we were watching the game right below it, you can see the three kings half way up:
Sunset on our way home:

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