Friday, October 1, 2010

More World Cup - Second German Game - DEUTSCHLAND UBER ALLES

Being that we didn't have a TV and the great atmosphere at the Fan Park we ended up spending a lot time here watching a lot of games. This particular game was another German game and it was very crowded. The times for the Games of the 2010 world cup fit perfectly in the German schedule as they were on the exact same time as the games in Afrika. That is they were all late afternoon and night games. During halftime during this game they broadcast the nightly news live from Fan Park.
Packed with fans:
The news stage on the right:

Fan Park is located in a perfect location right across the Elbe River:

Noah and i both got addicted to the unofficial German theme song for the world cup. The song is from a German band called SportFreunde Stiller and is called 54, 74, 90, 2010. It is named so from the 3 times Germany won the World Cup and includes this year as the song is a rally cry.

They would play this video before each German match and the fans would go nuts and stand, dance, and sing along it was absolutely cool. Here is the Video, listen to it a few times and you will become addicted too:

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