Saturday, January 16, 2010

Semper Opern Ball - January 15

Make sure to watch the videos below they are pretty impressive.

Living in Altstadt, the historic part of Dresden, definitely has its advantages. Whenever they are having a party or celebration we can watch them set it up and we can easily get to the event when it starts, usually a five minute walk from our apartment, so there are no hassles or excuses.

Yesterday was no exception, as the last couple of days we saw them setting up for the Semper Opern Ball. Later in the night David and I decided to go and watch as we heard its a big event. Yes David and I went to a ball, like a real ball with all the tradition and pomp and circumstance. I was thinking this is what it must have been like back in the day for royalty to go to a ball. They had a lot of famous people including a walk way for the famous celebrities like what I have seen for the Oscars. They set up a nice outside ball area in the theaterplatz (and in front of the Semper Oper) for anyone to come and enjoy in the celebration for free. A ticket was required to go inside (with a very large entrance fee) and formal ball attire.

Outside they had a large screen showing the events both inside and out along with a host, again kinda like the Oscars. Outside there were big ball shaped lights that were inflated and would change in size and intensity. They also had little grates spread around with fires in them to warm the area, and the usual local favorites including brats, champagne, Gluhwein, and Radeberger beer. There were a lot of people watching the event.

For the first waltz they had lit up the Semper Opera House with both colors and fireworks, it was really beautiful. I kept thinking how much my daughter Kate would have really loved this. It was especially touching when all the people outside started waltzing to the music as they watched the people inside waltzing in their formal attire. A woman even came up to me and made me set my beer down and start waltzing with me. The Germans really have some nice outdoor events. This ball went until 5:00 am, however David and I did not stay that long.

Here is a video I took of the first waltz:

Here is more video of the first waltz along with some fireworks:

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