Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pillnitz schloss - bike ride with Noah friends family

Pictures from our bike ride to Pillnitz schloss, one of "Augusta the strong's" retreat castles on the Elbe river. Melissa, Noah, and biked about 10 miles up the Elbe with one of Noah friends David and David's family.

We had a great trip and great weather. Here is a picture of Pillnitz from the river. In this picture we are on a river ferry that we needed to take to cross the river. Not a lot of bridges around here, a bit out in the country. They have a lot of ferrys to cross the river, cheaper then building a bridge.

Noah and his frend on the ferry, if you look hard enough you can see lissa also.
Picture of adults in castle grounds.

Lots of gardens in and around the grounds. We ate at a really nice beer garden here also.

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