Sunday, August 16, 2009

StadtFest in Dresden - 16.8.2009

I had a few comments that there were no pictures of me, so i will try to add some.

Last night we went back to StadtFest.

On our walk down they had a parade of all the boats on the river and later they had fireworks. Fireworks didn’t start until 10:45, which was a bit later then we expected.

As we waited for the fireworks there we say a large concern across the river (we couldn't figure out the group), all the boats dock (they come from upstream and wildly swing around to part in there spots), and all sorts of going ons.

Right at 10:45 all the boats sounded there whistles and horns (about 15 large boats) then the fireworks began. We really enjoyed the firework and after the finaly the horns all sounded off again.

We had a perfect spot right over the river from a walkway about 3 stories above the lower path on the rivers edge right across the river from the launch spot.

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